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Requirements and videos

Freestyle Goju Kai rank requirements
These are the basic requirments they may and should very between clubs and Sensei's.

Gold Belt: Honorary rank for students 10 and under:
Punch, rising, middle and lower kicks, front back and side kicks.
Orange Belt (9th Kyu): previous requirements plus round hour kick and Jodan Kata.
Blue Belt (8th Kyu):previous plus Chudan and Gedan Katas. 
Purple Belt (7th kyu): Previous plus Kokiuki and Mawashi uki Kata;s and basic two person drill.
Green belt 1st degree (6th kyu) previous plus Gekisai ichi kata.
Green belt  2nd degree (5th kyu) Previous plus Tencho and Freestyle Goju kai Taikyoku  Kata's
Green belt 3rd degree (4th kyu) Previous plus Gekisai Ni Kata 
Brown Belt First degree (3rd kyu)  Drake Saifa Ha kata, Ippon Kumite drill 
Brown 2nd degree  (2nd Kyu) Sanchin Kata
Brown 3rd degree (1st Kyu) one optional kata from Kabuto, creative or optional Kata pool
Black belt 1st degee (first dan)  Seienchin Kata, total review of all requirements up to Black Belt. 
Nidan Black Belt: Two years as 1st dan plus Sanseru and Shishochin Kata's, advance ippon kumite moving any degree angle to avoid attack
Sandan Black Belt: Two years as 2nd degree plus seisan and Seipai Kata's. 
Yandan Black Belt: Two years as 3rd degree plus Kururunfa and Suparimpei kata's. 
Optional Kata
Taikyoku Heian Kata 1-5
Rohai 1-2 
Geon Kata
Ananku Kata
Bassai dai Kata
Empi Kata
Hakucho Kata
Kosokun dai kata

This is the pattern for the first five Kata