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Thomas Drake, Shihan
Over four decades of Martial Arts experience, 20 as a competitor. He won his first Trophy in sparring in 1977. He was rated 1-5th different years as a forms competitor. Has taught top rated regional, national and world champions. He is the Founder Freestyle Goju Kai Karate (Copywrite 2000); which was reconized as a style of Karate in fellowship with the Christian Black Belt Association in 2005 by Soke (grandmaster) Clement C. Riedner. 
Theresa Drake, Sensei
Over three decades of Martial Arts experience. Over 20 years as a competitor. She was rated #1 in Seniors Kata in 2014 in the NBL Evergreen conference. That year she place 1st in four out of five tournaments. 
About Freestyle Goju Karate
Freestyle Goju Karate is the style of martial arts taught at Drake Dojo, as well as a few other schools mainly found in the pacific northwest. It is style that was developed by Thomas F. Drake based on the systems of Karate he spend decades studying.
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 Freestyle Goju kai Karate
 is a name coined to a system of Karate that has Goju Kata's as a base. The style emphasis's skills and techniques of traditional Karate styles combined with skills and techniques of American boxing, kick boxing, tae kwon do, Wrestling, Jujitsu, and many more styles. Freestyle Goju Karate has been ring and mat tested and proven in sport Karate, MMA and Jujitsu tournaments.
    For the benefit of students of Freestyle Karate or anyone wanting a Kata reference we have included Student-center  pages for the required Kata. The videos on these pages are for reference only. We suggest Kata can only be properly learned from an instructor who can critique your skill. There are many variations of these Kata's, such as another school may have a different block in one place that is not included in another schools version of the form. The Shitoryu versions of the forms are different from the Goju Kai versions and they are different form the Goju ryu versions and sometime there may be difference within a style from one instructor to the next. There are more similarity then difference's so we should be able to notice the forms on one video to the next.  

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